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Design system for analog circuits

What is it

Analog Insydes is a Mathematica application package for modeling, analysis, and design of analog electronic circuits, tailored specifically for industrial applications. With Analog Insydes and Mathematica you can describe linear and nonlinear circuits and control systems.

Analog Insydes screen shot

Its differential advantage

A unique feature of Analog Insydes is its capability to compute approximated symbolic formulas for circuit characteristics. Based on numerical reference information specified for the circuit parameters Analog Insydes detects and discards insignificant terms automatically


Commercial EUR
1 seat 5,995.--
Academic EUR
1 seat 1,195.--

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For whom is it

Analog Insydes has been tailored specifically to the needs of professional circuit designers. In addition to the above, the package is an ideal tool for teaching circuit analysis in engineering education because it provides an unrestricted set of primitive linear circuit elements


  • Netlist-based input
  • A broad coverage of linear circuit- and control network elements
  • Hierarchical netlist entry and device modeling
  • User-extendible device model library
  • Automatic equation setup
  • Symbolic calculation of many functions
  • Design formula extraction
  • Generation of behavioral models
  • Comprehensive numerical analysis
  • Solution of circuit equations
  • Comprehensive Graphics functions
  • Various import and export filters

More information

Excellent detailed description: Wolfram Research


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